Friday, April 14, 2006

The Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits - Rotten Apples Review

When I picked up Exile and the Kingdom this week, I also snagged Rotten Apples as it was only $9.99. Rotten Apples is the Greatest Hits Collection of The Smashing Pumpkins featuring such great singles as "Rhinocerous," "Disarm," "Bullet with Butterfly Wings," "Zero," etc.

Anyway, the following is my in-depth review: Smashing Pumpkins = We can't compete with Britney Spears so we're breaking up even though the real reason is because we all hate one another and now Billy's gonna try a solo career that isn't going anywhere.

Smashing Pumpkins Music = Amazing Singles, Shitty Rest-of-the-Albums.

Rotten Apples = Great collection of singles that's well worth $10.00 that the band didn't even endorse 'cause they were non-existent at that point and this album is a small cash in by the record label.

Rotten Apples is an excellent reminder of both my youth and why the music industry now sucks ass. Go corporate America.

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