Saturday, March 18, 2006

Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero Review

Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero is the sequel to Star Wars: Republic Commando - Hard Contact and once again follows the exploits of Omega Squad. As the Clone Wars rage on, Niner, Fi, Darman, and Atin are called back to Coruscant and placed under a black ops mission to seek out and destroy a Separatist terror cell that is destroying key targets in the capital. Leading them on this secret mission is none other than Kal Skirata, the Mandolorian who trained them and many other Commandos on Kamino. Kal is also aided by a notorious ARC Trooper Captain named Ordo, as well as Delta Squad (featured in the video game) and their training sergeant Walon Vau. Two Jedi Knights round out the group.

Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero is a beautifully written, military sci-fi novel. While it does have some fast paced action, it's main focus is the simple morals behind the clones themselves, and what they really think and feel about the Republic, the war, and their future as living human beings. To read about the clones, soldiers grown and trained from birth to simply fight and obey, experience so many basic things in the world that normal people take for granted provides a real emotional attachment for the reader, as does the revelations and purpose behind their father figure Kal. The Jedi involved also have some deep character moments as they struggle with what the Republic is becoming and how the Jedi order is changing under the constant presure of the war.

Not only does the novel provide a lot of great insight into the clones, it also delves into the Mandolorian language and culture, really fleshing them out and providing them with a solid background. In fact, the use of Mandolorian is so extensive, the novel even includes a glossary of all the Mando terms and words at the back.

Finally, a short story is presented at the end of the book, Star Wars: Omega Squad - Targets, which is actually a mission of Omega Squad's that takes place prior to Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero and is referenced a lot in the main plot. This provides great clarification to some of the primary novel's backstory.

If your looking for a black ops styled, military sci-fi story, than look no futher than Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero. The novel is deep and intriguing in a way the films are not simply because it puts you in the perspective of the simple soldier instead of the lofty Jedi, and the base values of family, father and son, and basic human rights that the novel explores provide a solid grip for the reader.

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