Saturday, June 17, 2006

A Dream of Eagles: The Saxon Shore Review

The amazing A Dream of Eagles series continues in The Saxon Shore. With the war against Cornwall finally over, and with the baby Arthur orphaned after the death of his father, Uther, at the war's conclusion, Merlyn must take up the task of raising the boy and protecting him to achieve his destiny.

The Eagles' Brood took a very dark turn for the series as the Romans left Britain leaving it open to invasion and conquest, culminating between the great war between Cornwall and Camulod, however it ended with a ray of hope: The discovery of the young baby Arthur Pendragon, future High King of Britain.

With The Saxon Shore, it seems Merlyn's fate is to be further intertwined with that of the Scotts and the kingdom of his adjutant's father, King Athol. It is to this foreign land that Arthur must lead a small group of men where Arthur waits in ransom, but before he does so, he must cleanse the beginnings of corruption within the colony of Camulod that arose during his amnesia, and he must prepare himself for the great tasks that lie before him.

With this, Merlyn will not stand alone. With the aid of his adjutant and friend Donual Mac Athol, the physician Lucanas, and his half-brother Ambrose, Merlyn will begin upon his true destiny that will ultimately lead him to become known as a sorcerer.

As with the rest of the series, Whyte is a master story teller, taking the plot in directions one would not expect. He continues to flesh out his existing characters thorough both hardship and tragedy, and he brings several more prominent faces to the mix.

If you've gotten this far into the Dream of Eagles series, then you really don't need me to provide you with any motivation in continuing to read it. You know how strong, how human a tale this is, so go continue following the legend.

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