Sunday, January 13, 2008

Star Wars: Republic Commando - True Colours Review

You see, this is why I enjoy the expanded Star Wars universe. Lucas hasn't directly touched it, so its, you know, good.

Star Wars: Republic Commando - True Colours is the latest Star Wars novel I've read, and it is an excellent piece of military science fiction.

Picking up almost exactly where Star Wars: Republic Commando - Triple Zero left off, it continues to follow the exploits of Omega Squad and the rest of Kal Skirata's growing "family."

As always, I find it very difficult to do proper novel reviews, at least to the depth and extent that I review games and movies since a novel is all plot, and I certainly don't want to give away any spoilers. To that end, this review will be short.

Skirata and his Null Arc's are very close to tracking down Ko Sai, the Kaminoan who may very well be able to stop the Clone's advanced aging process, allowing the Clones to have a normal life span. Meanwhile Delta Squad are on a rather shady mission with Vau when all goes to pot, and Omega Squad are sent to assist a bunch of lizard people retake their world from Separatist sympathizers.

Darman thinks constantly of Etain, who is on Qiilura performing the forced evacuation of the human colonists there while hiding her pregnancy from the Jedi Order and Darman, the child's clone father.

Like the previous novels, Star Wars: Republic Commando - True Colours shows the real gritty side of war, and the heavy Mando influence in the Clone ranks that are sadly absent from the films. Their concept of honour, loyalty, and family is fascinating, and the character development in the series is solid.

Its also quite interesting to see the Clone perspective on the war and its politics, and in this novel, the fact that all is not well withing the Republic itself truly begins to come to light.

Star Wars: Republic Commando - True Colours is a great addition to the Star Wars saga, and with it being set up for another sequel, I certainly hope we get to read more of author Karen Traviss' Mando boys.

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Anonymous said...

This book is extremely good.Ordo is my favorite person in Clan Skirata. But this book series is the best thing in the Star Wars franchise because I am no longer a big lighsaber and the Force fan. Except fot Star Wars:The Force Unleashed. But other than that, I'm all about armor,guns,and and soldiers, especially Delta and Omega Squads, and the Nulls.