Friday, April 11, 2008

Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest (DVD) Review

For those not in the know, Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest is Fox's Family Guy rendition of Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Unfortunately I missed it's original airing, but the Staff happened to pick it up on DVD and lent it to me a few weeks ago.

If you've ever seen Star Wars, you'll know the plot of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest, but of course, its brought to you in Family Guy style with all the characters and gags you'd expect from a Family Guy episode.

Weighing in at 48 minutes, you'll follow Luke (Chris), Leia (Louis), and Han (Peter) as they battle the Empire and attempt to destroy Darth Vader's (Stewie) ultimate weapon, the Death Star.

I don't want to ruin the jokes for you, as the gags are the main reason you'd want to watch the show, but suffice it to say most of them are good, and a few are just plain wrong. And I mean that in the nicest, most twisted way of course. I did find a few of the gags over done or a little tacky, but you'll certainly get your laughs worth _if_ you're a fan of Star Wars. If not, I can see you completely not giving a crap.

The DVD special features contain a nice documentary on the making of Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest, as well as a rather boring discussion with George Lucas. The entire episode is also presented in animatic format (with some different cut or altered gags from the final version), and every single Star Wars skit from the Family Guy series has also been compiled.

For Family Guy and Star Wars fans alike, Family Guy Presents: Blue Harvest is a must watch, though not necessarily a must own.

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