Sunday, July 15, 2007

Golden Axe (Xbox 360) Review

The second classic Sega title that Microsoft released this past Wednesday is Golden Axe, and this is one game that I remembered very fondly from the Sega Genesis, and so I spent the 400 Microsoft Points on the full version.

Golden Axe was originally released back in 1989, and casts you in the role of either a Fighter, an Amazon, or a Dwarf as you travel through some misc. kingdom to defeat the evil warlord Death-Adder. Death-Adder has captured the King and Princess and is terrorizing the land, and though it is a very simplistic story to be sure, the game itself features top-notch classic side scrolling gameplay.

Generally speaking, you progress through the level hacking and slashing your enemies, and you can also jump attack, shoulder dash, and of course, cast Magic. Each character has their own Magic spell, and you need to have potions in order to cast it. The more potions you have, the more powerful you're Magic will be. You obtain potions, and also food to restore health, by kicking thieves, thieves who can also steal a few of your blue potions during little mini-game levels. It's a fun little concept that works well.

Another cool feature of Golden Axe is the ability to ride certain animals, such as a fire breathing dragon. You first need to knock one of Death-Adder's minions off the beast, and then it will allow anyone else to ride it, but of course, you can be knocked off just as easily. Proper care of your beast can make a level all the easier.

Golden Axe is a great classic side scroller, with all the fun and cheese of a retro '80's game thrown in. Though short, you can hope onto Xbox Live and play with another person (so long as you both have Gold Memberships), or you can simply play Co-op with a friend off the same console, both of which add a little replay value. This is a great game, and a great purchase at such a low cost. If only a lot of other Xbox Live Arcade titles were this inexpensive and fun.

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