Friday, December 29, 2006

Top 3 DVD's of 2006

Well, with today being the last business day of the year, I suppose I should get started on listing my Top 3 lists. I'll start with DVD's and like last year, keep in mind that I'll only be listing items I've personally used. Since we're just a simple blog and not a pro site, I don't get free stuff and I obviously can't go buying everything and anything for the hell of it.

So, without further delay, my top 3 DVD's of 2006:

3) V for Vendetta (Single Disc Edition): What's more to be said, aside from the fact that this was the best film I can think of released to theatres this year, and it was a cool DVD to. There isn't much in the way of bonus features on the Single Disc addition, and the bonus features on the 2-Disc Edition didn't interest me for the cost which is why I got this version, and why it sits and number 3.

2) Corpse Bride: Tim Burton's back with another claymated masterpiece. It's short, sweet, and filled with the general theme of morality that Burton's so great at. Featuring a great cast of voice actors, an excellent score by Danny Elfman, and great animation, Corpse Bride will please both adults and children alike. The DVD comes with some nice little documentary features, and the special edition I got even came with an illustrated booklet of the film itself. A great buy all around.

1) Kingdom of Heaven - 4-Disc Director's Cut: Shear brilliance. The 4-Disc Director's Cut takes Ridley Scott's lackluster theatrical masterpiece and adds about an hour to it, fleshing out the characters and motives and presenting us with the film that should have been released to theatres bar none. If you saw the theatrical version of Kingdom of Heaven, whether you liked it or lumped it, you owe it to yourself to check out the Director's Cut and see what you missed. The film is spread across two discs, and the remaining two discs are filled with a feature length documentary that take you from the film's conceptualization all the way to release. It has detailed storyboards, interviews, casting sessions, etc. and generally more stuff than you can wave a sword at. It also comes in a great fold out case, and truly is an amazing DVD experience.

Well there you have it. Early next week, I'm hoping to post my top 3 books of 2006, and I'll also post up my top 3 games of 2005 that I missed since 2006 sucked for new games. Since I only saw 2 films in theatre this year and only liked one of them, I won't be posting a top 3 films list.

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