Saturday, September 11, 2010

Diablo III Health System

It appears Blizzard Entertainment is taking a departure from the norm with its Health system in Diablo III. Like previous titles, your Health is still represented by the red orb, and there are still healing spells and Health Potions, but Potions now come with a cooldown and healing spells may have other restrictions or drawbacks.

So what option do you have now if jamming on "4" is no longer the "Oh my God I'm going to die key!"? Health Globes.

Diablo III is going the Orb route found in other games, and when you kill an enemy, there's a chance they'll drop a Health Globe which you can run over to pick up and gain some Health back. There's also different kinds of Health Globes that can drop, Weak Health Globes, Medium Health Globes, etc.

The reason for this change? Blizzard Entertainment wants players thinking more tactically instead of just rushing into a swarm of enemies and chugging Potion after Potion as they massacre through them.

To check out the full details, head on over to Blizzard's article here.

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