Saturday, October 02, 2010

Original Xbox 360 Wirless Controller and Rechargable Battery Pack Sold

For about a year now, I've noticed that the Right Stick on my Xbox 360 Wireless Controller would no longer centre properly, and when left at rest it would actually be drifting slightly to the top left. As you can imagine, this has made precision aiming a tad difficult, so I've finally decided to sell the old girl.

This is the Controller that came with my original console in December 2006, and I sold it today to EB Games for $20.00. That's actually a good bit more than I expected, so I'm quite happy.

I also sold my first Rechargeable Battery Pack, purchased in January 2007, for $2.25. Considering it only lasts about 5 hours at best and I replaced it and haven't touched it for well over a year, I'm content.

For now, I'll use my Xbox 360 Controller (wired), and this long weekend coming, I'll pick up the Xbox 360 Halo: Reach Wireless Controller.

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