Sunday, January 02, 2011

Doritos Crash Course Impressions

I can defeat General Raam in Gears of War on Insane difficulty, solo. I can survive the suicide mission in Mass Effect 2 on Insanity difficulty. I can defeat the Covenant in Halo: Reach on Legendary difficulty, solo. So why can't I properly guide my sissy little Avatar around the obstacle courses in Doritos' latest free offering, Crash Course?

I can't believe how frustrating an experience my short play time of Doritos Crash Course has been! Honest truth, I couldn't stand the way the game handled and controlled. Experienced gamers won't find precision control here, as they'll be constantly missing platforms they should have landed on, sliding off edges accidentally, and missing or not even executing simple jumps.

Somewhat like the show Wipeout, Doritos Crash Course sees gamers navigating their Avatar through various obstacle courses with a US, European, or Japanese theme. As one navigates the courses, they can fall off an edge, get smacked by various obstacles, shot by paintballs, etc. If they get knocked off, they end up back at the last checkpoint. Players can also compete against friends locally or via Xbox LIVE.

Visually the game looks fine with colourful settings, hilarious injury animations, etc., and the audio certainly serves its purpose, but the controls are just horrible and imprecise that I had no fun with the game what-so-ever and forced myself to go through all of the US and Europe courses. Personally, I have no intention of going back to finish the Japanese courses or to try and collect some of the game's simpler Achievements.

In a time when everything costs money for gamers, it is refreshing to see things released for free, but not like this. My impressions, definite pass.

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