Saturday, September 22, 2012

PlayStation Plus coming to PlayStation Vita this November

Sony has officially announced that PlayStation Plus is coming to the PlayStation Vita this November.  For those who already subscribe to Sony's premium service via your PlayStation 3, you're already covered.

PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Vita will over subscribers the following services:

- Instant Game Collection.  The most attractive feature of this premium membership, subscribers will get free access to a library of games, updated regularly.
-  Discounts on the PlayStation Store.
- Cloud Storage, 1 GB worth.
- Automatic Updates for both System Software, Games, and even automatic demo downloads.
- Automatic Trophy sync.

A 12 month subscription to PlayStation Plus is $49.99 (US), and I actually know many who've taken advantage of the service on their PlayStation 3 consoles and are extremely pleased with it.  Depending on what games are offered via PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation Vita this November, I might actually subscribe to the service as it seems to be actually worth its cost.

You can read Sony's official announcement at the PlayStation Blog here.

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