Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mortal Kombat (PlayStation Vita) Story Mode Completed on Hard

Last week, I completed the Story Mode in Mortal Kombat (PlayStation Vita) for the second time, my first on Hard, which makes for my third overall playthrough of the game's Story Mode when you take my original Xbox 360 version playthrough into consideration.

With the exception of a few matches while playing as kombatants that I'm not skilled with, I actually didn't find Hard very hard at all, however that makes perfect sense considering I traditionally play Arcade Ladder on Expert Difficulty now.  Even the final battle against Shao Khan was the easiest I've ever had it, though in truth I didn't play through Story Mode again for the challenge, I played through it for a love of the game's story.

NetherRealm Studios really did such a great job of introducing a cohesive, well told story to the fighting game genre, and they really fleshed out some twenty year old concepts that were always a bit hokey to begin with.  While essentially a guy's soap opera, I did enjoy watching the exploits and efforts of the Earthrealm warriors as they sought to stop Shao Khan's invasion, and really, it's my love of the overall characters that make the experience so great.

I still wasn't a huge fan of the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 section, especially when Sindel comes in and tromps everyone, but of course I was expecting it now, it's done and a known quantity, and evidently not everyone stays dead forever.

For the PlayStation Vita version it is a shame that the cinematics transition into the platform's native graphics, which are no where near as detailed or high quality as its console counterparts, but since the gameplay is perfectly intact this is only a minor con to the enjoyment of the overall piece.

Should I decide to tackle Story Mode again, I may do so on Expert Difficulty to see how I really fare, even with kombatants that I have no skill with.

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