Sunday, February 24, 2013

PlayStation 4 Announced

This past Tuesday, Sony announced their next generation console, the PlayStation 4.  Featuring enhanced social integration, content access, exclusive games, and a new controller design with a built-in touch screen, Sony's new console has a lot of potential.

Check out this announcement video below:

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For full details, including additional videos, trailers, and exclusive titles, check out the official page here.

While it's still very early (I believe the PlayStation 4 will release this coming holiday), this is very exciting, and I'll be keeping my eye on the console as it moves forward.  I already have a PlayStation Vita which will have functionality with Sony's new console, and the Xbox platform hasn't been impressing me these last few years.

Perhaps in 2014, it'll be time to switch.  We'll see, and we'll see what Microsoft comes up with for their next console.

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