Friday, March 22, 2013

BioShock Infinite TV Commercial and "Creating Elizabeth" ViDoc

Releasing next Tuesday, BioShock Infinite is my most anticipated game of the year thus far.  Irrational Games has released a TV Commercial for the game (CG, not game footage), and you can check it out here or below:

A few days later, they released the long version of the commercial (which I like far better), and you can check that out here or below:

Lastly, they released a new ViDoc entitled "Creating Elizabeth: The Women that Brought Her to Life," and you can check that out here or below:

The level of interaction with Elizabeth looks amazing, and the amount of effort that they're putting into making her as realistic as possible is most impressive.

I didn't get to meet Elizabeth during the hour and a half I got to play the game, and I'm quite looking forward to meeting her.

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