Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Xbox One Announced

Today, Microsoft announced their next generation console:  Xbox One.  Releasing this holiday, Xbox One is an all-in-one entertainment device that lets you play games, watch TV, stream movies, and have Skype calls with your friends, all in your living room.  A new Kinect sensor is also packaged with every console.

You can check out the reveal video here or below:

For full announcement details, you can check out the official Xbox One page here.

Right now, it's pretty much what I expected, a general media hub that doesn't seem like it tailored to the hardcore gamer packaged with a lot of flashy buzz terms that don't mean much aside from marketing.

Microsoft is promising to showcase their games, as well as new exclusives, at this year's E3, so that'll really show us the direction they're going with here.  As a gamer, it's the games I care about, and not the casual Kinect stuff or other random entertainment features.  I want inspiring, innovative game experiences.

At present Xbox One doesn't look like it's a console for a consumer like me, but of course, we'll see.

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