Saturday, November 10, 2007

Half-Life 2 City 7: Toronto Conflict Mod

A coworker brought this mod to my attention a few days ago. Some students from George Brown College's Game Design program have created a Half-Life 2 mod entitled City 7: Toronto Conflict, which models sections of downtown Toronto using Valve's Source Engine.

City 7: Toronto Conflict sees Gordan Freeman visiting City 7, formerly known as Toronto, during the teleporter accident that happens at the beginning of the game. Like all remaining cities on Earth, the Combine now rule here in the same fashion that they held City 17, except now players will have the chance to fight as the "One Freeman" through Yonge St., the TTC, and Mel Lastman Square.

The mod certianly looks interesting, especially if you're from Toronto, so I'll be loading it up in the near future for the fun of it.

You can download City 7: Toronto Conflict here.


Anonymous said...

Gave this a try and all it does is crash on my system wherein half-life 2 has no issues whatsoever.


And I was looking forward to a Canadian scenario

Juxtapose said...

Do you have anything else running in the background? I've tinkered with it, and I never had any crashes (though I wish the developers would have given a bit more direction to the Subway at the beginning).

My father played through the whole thing and as far as I know, it was stable.

Perhaps you can email the developers and let them know what's been happening. They might be able to help you out.