Sunday, November 04, 2007

PlayStation 3 40 GB HDD Now Available

For you Sony Fanboys out there, Sony has now discontinued its PlayStation 3 60 GB HDD console, and replaced it with the PlayStation 3 40 GB HDD, available in North America as of this past Friday.

The PlayStation 3 40 GB HDD comes pre-bundled with Spider-Man 3 (Blue-ray), and retails for $399.99, the cost of the Xbox 360 Pro.

Note that this version of the PlayStation 3 console has less ports and does _not_ have any Backwards Compatibility period. I find this funny since Sony onces trashed Microsoft hardcore for the challenge Microsoft was having with its own Backward Compatibility emulation software, and now Sony has switched from hardware to software emulation and only has 1 of 2 consoles on the market that supports this feature, while all of Microsoft's consoles support Backwards Compatibility (the Xbox 360 Arcade does with the addition of a HDD).

Regardless, it is interesting to note that Sony really does seem to be competatively pricing their PlayStation 3 console; at long last. Now if only they had any decent exclusive titles to warrant anyone wanting to purchase it.

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