Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Xbox LIVE Gold Membership? Maybe...

One of my best friends has begun playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 via Xbox LIVE, and that's prompted me to think about getting a Gold Membership as well so I can join him; at least for Halo 3.

My main hesitation is not the cost, I'd sign up for one month to see if I like it, but the current stability issues that Xbox LIVE keeps having. Ever since the holidays, Xbox LIVE has been rather unstable, difficult to connect to, and unreliable for those two games in particular. I just don't want to spend the $8.99 and then get screwed out by an unprepared service.

The $8.99 itself is nothing mind you, but it's the principle. If Xbox LIVE remains stable into Saturday morning, I'll probably sign up this weekend. If not, than I'll wait longer.

I'll be able to see if I still suck at Gears of War. That was fun last summer.

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