Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gears of War 2 Premium Themes and Title Update

Epic Games has released some premium Themes for their smash hit shooter, Gears of War 2. These Themes are designed with the New Xbox Experience in mind, and don't have stretched images like original Themes now do. They also have animated and related backgrounds for the Friends Channel. You can find these premium Themes on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for a lovely overpriced fee, but if you've already downloaded the original "Bare Your Teeth" and "Hope Runs Deep" Themes, you're in luck as Epic Games as replaced these Themes with Premium Themes.

Now, if you just go through the conventional Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the Microsoft Point cost is still there and it looks like you've got to pay, but if you go through your Download History, find your original downloads and redownload them, voila! These two Premium Themes are free! Not only that, but you also get to keep the original Themes you downloaded to!

Epic Games has also released a Title Update for Gears of War 2, which will patch the next time you launch the game while connected to Xbox LIVE. The Title Update mainly addresses matchmaking issues and a few other minor tweaks.

Details on the new Premium Themes here, and Title Update details courtesy of ActionTrip here.

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