Sunday, January 25, 2009

Halo Wars Gold and Demo Details

Last week ended on a solid note with Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios announcing that Halo Wars has gone gold, and up until launch, they'll be releasing a video documentary series that will highlight the various themes and features that we can expect to experience in the game.

The first episode, available via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace or below, discusses the gameplay style, controls, and strategy, and honestly, it all has me excited. As I've said before, if Ensemble Studios can pull this off, it'll be the first truly successful RTS on a console platform, and it'll all ride on the controls. Feature wise, we're already seeing some great things, such as actual Spartan boarding of enemy vehicles, and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for this one.

Of course, we won't need to wait until launch to try Halo Wars out. On February 5th at 2:00 am PST, Microsoft Game Studios will be uploading a fully playable demo straight to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

The demo will feature the beginner and advanced tutorials, the first two Campaign missions, and a single Multiplayer map in which you can play in Skirmish mode against the AI as the UNSC with Captain Cutter as your hero, or as the Covenant with the Prophet of Regret.

Very exciting indeed!

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