Sunday, January 11, 2009

StarCraft II - Vote for your Dark Templar and Media Update

With the further development of StarCraft II, Blizzard Entertainment will be expanding the Dark Templar and introducing different tribes to the faction. With the Protoss and the Dark Templar in particular being such a fan favourite, Blizzard Entertainment has thus decided to allow fans to vote on which clan will represent the Dark Templar in StarCraft II Multiplayer games!

The first option is the Lenassa tribe, whom we've come to know from the original game. The second option is the Zer'atai tribe, who have dual scythes instead of Warp Blades and wear heavy armour combined with the bones of fallen Zerg. The third and final option is to have both tribes represented, where the Dark Templar warped in will be randomly generated as a member from either tribe.

Head over here for full details and to cast your vote!

Blizzard Entertainment has also released one new piece of artwork and four new screenshots that can be viewed here and here respectively.

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