Monday, June 15, 2009

Altered Beast (Xbox 360) Trial Impressions

The second of the 6 Sega games I tried was the trial for Altered Beast. I used to play this a lot on my friend's Sega Genesis, and loved this classic beat-'em up.

You play as a man brought back from the dead by Zeus for the purpose of rescuing his captive daughter Athena. You'll need to battle the minions of the underworld, collecting Spirit Balls as you do so to toughen up, and if you collect enough of them, you'll transform into a beast-man and really kick ass.

Altered Beast is a classic '80's beat-'em up in every sense of the word, and the controls are rather simple as you move left or right, and punch or kick your way through your enemies. You have a few varied moves in your arsenal, and these moves change when you become a beast-man.

The graphics and audio are what you'd expect from the era, which is to say poor by today's standards, but still fun, especially the primitive audio with it's low quality voices, and classic style midi-music.

Thankfully, this game allows you to take several hits before you die, and like most games of the day, you have several lives before you'd need to continue.

In brief, there's not much to Altered Beast that you haven't seen in other games of the day, but it's a great classic none-the-less. When I get bored of everything else I'm playing through, 400 Microsoft Points ($5.80) sounds like a find price for a trip down memory lane.

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