Saturday, May 28, 2011

Diablo III Runestones Revealed

Blizzard Entertainment plans to allow players to really customize their characters in Diablo III via a variety of methods, and one new method brought to light is the use of Runestones.

Runestones seem to be similar to Gems or Jewels from Diablo II, save that you don't place them in sockets on Weapons or Armour, you place them on Skills.

There are five different kinds of Runestones: Crimson, Indigo, Obsidian, Golden, and Alabaster, and each will have a different effect on each Skill. There are also varying ranks of Runestones, just as there are different ranks of Gems and Jewels, and it appears that you can only place one Runestone on any one Skill at any one time.

You can read all about Runestones here, and also watch five videos showing the effects of Runestones on one Skill from each of the game's five character classes.

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