Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gears of War 3 Avatar Items Updated, Includes Weapons

Usually I wouldn't bother posting about something like premium Avatar items, but this warrants an exception. I can't find a quote anywhere, however I distinctly recall Microsoft stating that they will not allow their Xbox 360 Avatars to have weapons as Props (though they did allow Lightsabres oddly).

Well, assuming I remember correctly it appears they've changed their minds. The Gears of War 3 Avatar items have been updated to include a Lancer and Hammerburst in both regular and golden skin variants as well as a Baird t-shirt and an incorrectly named Berserker Avatar Pet (it's a Lambent Berserker, dammit!).

An Avatar equipped with one of the guns will rev the Lancer's Chainsaw bayonet and for a Hammerburst, they'll drop into a firing stance. Each item costs a silly amount of Microsoft Points, of course, but you can preview them for free from your console.

I guess profit wins against morality once again.

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