Sunday, August 07, 2011

Diablo III Beta Announcement and Auction House

Blizzard Entertainment has announced that Diablo III Beta sign ups are now live, and all you need to do to sign up is to make sure you're opted in for Blizzard Entertainment betas via your account.

Note that opting in does not guarantee you'll be selected, it simply means you're eligible. If you are selected you'll be notified via email, and like previous betas they'll be adding players in waves.

The beta will include parts of New Tristram and the return of the Skeleton King from the original game. All five character classes will be available as well as Artisans and Followers.

You can check out the details of the upcoming beta here, and the official FAQ here.

Also announced and featured in the upcoming beta is the Auction House. In previous games, if you found a great item that was useless for your character you had but three options: 1) Sell it to an in-game vendor for Gold, 2) Find and Trade it with another player, 3) Mule it to a new character you'd make.

While people certainly did all of the above (Lord knows I did many, many times), other players would also take an unofficial fourth option: Selling the items for real world money over random third party sites on the internet.

With the Auction House, players in Diablo III can now post any item up for auction, and other players can bid on it using in-game Gold or real world currency. While some might feel using real world currency is a bad idea, note that it's optional and no one is forced to do this, and I'd trust one of Blizzard's own services over a random site that could be a scam any day.

Note however that due to the nature of the Auction House, Diablo III will require a persistent internet connection for all characters all the time.

You can read full details on the Auction House here and check out its FAQ, which also discusses associated fees for posting and selling items, here and here respectively.

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