Sunday, August 07, 2011

Halo: Reach Completed for the 5th Time

With all this talk about Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, I decided to give Halo: Reach's Campaign another whirl.

I played through on Heroic, and I honestly found it easier than my last playthrough for some strange unsuspicious reason.

Though it really does conflict with the universe's previous canon, I did love the overall story telling and darker tone. The level design is excellent and the musical score is superb and really helps to underline so many great and memorable moments. The enemy AI did remain challenging throughout the playthrough, and it really is such a damn shame that the friendly AI was so God awful, but that really is the Campaign's only major flaw.

I also survived for a good 10 minutes in the post-credits sequence, which was really fun and challenging.

I didn't try anything too new or crazy on this playthrough and pretty much stuck with the simple DMR and Plasma Pistol combo, though I did use the Assault Rifle a good bit more than normal.

Halo: Reach really is such a great swan song to Bungie's development of the franchise, and I encourage any shooter fan to check the game out. There's a free demo available for those still on the fence, and the game retails for $49.99 now (with the Limited Edition going for $10.00 less if you can find it!).

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