Sunday, September 25, 2011

Halo: Reach Title Update 2 Released

The second Title Update for Halo: Reach is now available, and it makes some rather interesting tweaks to the game:

- Damage now bleeds through your Shields and impacts your Health like in previous titles
- Configuring Reticle Bloom
- Armour Lock no longer saves you from Plasma Grenades
- Damage sustained while in Armour Lock reduces the Ability's duration
- Reduced Active Camo bonus time when standing still
- Reduced overall length of Active Camo
- The ability to block the Energy Sword has been removed save for when using an Energy Sword
- Implementing the classic Magnum from Halo: Combat Evolved in certain Game Types
- Co-Op Campaign and Firefight can now be played without an HDD

This is the first title updated released by 343 Industries now that they've taken over development of the franchise from Bungie, and I personally find it rather interesting that they've removed or heavily adjusted several key gameplay components added into Halo: Reach by Bungie to make the game feel different than your typical Halo title.

Full details can be read/are linked in here.

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