Saturday, November 12, 2011

DLC Quest (Xbox 360) Trial Impressions

I don't sample Indie Games from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace very often, but recently a friend recommended one entitled DLC Quest.

Now, as you all know, I have a big issue with the current DLC market and what it's doing to the games industry. I personally consider DLC to be the single worst thing to happen to this generation of gaming and the kind of content that publishers now charge for is rather appalling. What's even sadder is that we, the consumer, support this practice as we keep buying the overpriced stuff!

It's gotten to the point where some games are no longer released in their completed state as DLC is expected to "finish" the gameplay experience, forcing us to pay more for a proper game. Or the kind of content that was once unlockable, such as additional character costumes, is now a premium item. Boils me up just thinking about it, but at least someone's decided to take a satirical shot as the milk market.

Developed by Going Loud Studios, DLC Quest is a simple platformer where the Bad Guy has taken the Princess and you need to rescue her and save the world. Sounds simple and fun, right? Well it just gets better.

Throughout the game world there are Gold Coins to collect and you'll need to spend those on "DLC" to progress further through the core game. Want your character and the world to actually have animations? Got to buy the DLC. Want to be able to jump so you can properly play this platforming game? Got to buy the DLC. Want to pause the game so you can access menus or take a leak? Yup, you've got to buy the DLC for that to.

You're only buying in-game "DLC" with in-game Gold, so you're not actually spending anymore money than the actual price of admission, but it's just hilarious as the state of the games industry isn't that far away from something like this becoming a reality!

One great laugh-out-loud moment was when some blacksmith tells you you'll need a sword and you need to make one by grinding the blade. It'll take about 100,000 grinds. After grinding for a minute, a pop-up occurs telling you that you can now by DLC to accelerate the grinding process by several times! Oh, too funny and too true.

There's also horse armour available for an outrageous gold cost, in case you were wondering.

Like all Indie Trials, the Trial for DLC Quest didn't last long, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time in it. Months from now once I'm done with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and I'm looking for something to do, I fully expect I'll pick this little gem up at 80 Microsoft Points to help prepare me for the real milkage that's bound to come sooner or later.

The game's trailer is also great for a laugh, which you can check out here or below.

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