Saturday, October 20, 2012

BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Edition and Premium Edition Announced

Now this is a collector's edition!  The BioShock Infinite Premium Edition has been announced, and it contains a slew of bonus content and in-game items:

- A 3" keychain of a "Murder of Crows" bottle of vodka
- A 5x7 lithograph
- A 25mm Handyman miniture
- A mini artbook
- 3 in-game Gear Power Ups
- A digital soundtrack
- Avatar Costumes (for Xbox 360 versions) and themes (for PC and PlayStation 3 versions)

Got even more money to burn?  Well then you can pick up the Ultimate Songbird Edition, which contains everything the Premium Edition has plus a 9.5" Songbird statue.

The BioShock Infinite Premium Edition will retail for $79.99 (US) and the Ultimate Songbird Edition will retail for $149.99 (US).

You can check out the full details right here.

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