Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pamela Horton, Playboy's Miss October 2012 Interview

Playboy's Miss October, the lovely Pamela Horton, not only has a sense of style and creativity, but she also loves a good video game.

While her work with Playboy clearly speaks for itself, I was quite curious about her gaming life.  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to ask her several questions, available for your own reading pleasure below:

1) What first drew you into gaming as a hobby and a passion?
I've been a gamer since I was 5, when my dad introduced me to Legend of  Zelda: A Link to the Past.

2) You're of course well established in League of Legends, but are there other MMO's or genres that you enjoy?
I enjoy RPGS mostly. World of Warcraft and Diablo III, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, Pokemon, that whole bag of chips. I do like puzzle and strategy games like Bust-A-Move (Bubble Bobble).

3) While PC gaming is always on the forefront of innovation, console gaming is huge.  Do you have a preferred console and what consoles have you owned in your lifetime?

I have always been a Nintendo Girl. All my original favorites were on the Super Nintendo. I do own all current systems though.

4) Is there an upcoming game that you're really excited for?

God of War: Ascension and Assassins Creed III!

5) It's often hotly debated as to whether games are considered art or not.  As both a gamer and an artist what are your thoughts on games as an art form?
To me, any creation is considered art. Whether you work with paints, words, computers, crafts, everything you create is your art. I agree completely with that.

6) Have you ever had the privilege to meet any big names from the games industry?  If not, is there a specific individual that you'd love to meet?

Almost every Nintendo fan would answer this the same: Shigeru Miyamoto. Either him or Nobuo Uematsu, the man who wrote the music for a lot of the Final Fantasy series.

7) If you had to describe your sex life with a game title, what would it be?
Infinite Undiscovery. Just the title, not the game of course. I am in a serious long term relationship with my soul mate, but every day I seem to learn something new and absolutely amazing.

8) Everyone has that one specific game they really remember fondly from yester-year.  What's yours?
Chrono Trigger or EarthBound.  Those games are classics that I will always love.

I'd like to thank Miss Horton for taking the time to answer my questions.  You can find out more about her art at her newly launched web site here, and you can check out her Playboy pictorial in the issue currently on newstands or via iPlayboy now.

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