Friday, December 30, 2005

Game and DVD Sales at Future Shop

I was just at Future Shop, and they have many games and DVD sales going on right now; some of which may be perma.

The games include:

- Halo 2: Limited Collector's Edition, for $19.99.
- Halo 2, for $19.99.
- MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf - Limited Edition, for $19.99.

The DVD's include:

- Alien Quadrilogy, for $64.99.
- Alien vs. Predator: Unrated Collector's Edition, for $19.99.
- Batman Begins, for $16.99.
- Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, for $16.99.
- Firefly, for $29.99.
- Kingdom of Heaven, for $11.99.

There's probably more, and many of these prices might also be at Best Buy, but you can all check on that yourselves.

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