Saturday, August 16, 2008

Final Two Weta Halo 3 Only One in the Universe Statues for Auction

Weta Collectibles has now begun their auctions on eBay for their final two Halo 3 Only One in the Universe statues.

These statues are plated in sterling silver and a certain part of each is made out of solid sterling silver. The big attraction is they produced only one of each statue, it's literally a limited edition 1 of 1.

The first of these, "Master Chief and Flood," can be viewed here, and is presently being bid at $1, 275.00 (US).

The final statue is entitled "Cortana," and can be viewed here. Presently, Cortana is bidding at $1, 500.00 (US).

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Master Chief Costume said...

Did you see the one of Master Chief and the Elite standing back to back? That one is awesome, not to mention its made in silver *drools*