Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soulcalibur IV (Xbox 360) Demo Impressions

Man, I really can't get into Japanese games; they just smack of cheese to me. The Demo for Soulcalibur IV let's you play as 2 characters (sadly no Yoda), so I chose Cassandra, and it starts of with an old-style text scroll story intro that was wonderfully poor.

The set up was pretty lame, as was the dialogue once the fighting actually began (it was real bad, actually) but the character models and fighting itself was actually alright, though nothing to jump and shout about.

What always irks me about Japanese themed games is that character's always have ridiculously overdone armour and massive weapons that just scream BS, and I've always found they really kill suspension of disbelief.

Well anyway, the demo featured two matches of basic fair with nothing too special to stand out or hold my attention, so at best I might give Soulcalibur IV a rent some day. Otherwise, based on my own gaming tastes, I'll pass.

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