Saturday, August 30, 2008

Halo 2 (Xbox) Platinum Hits

I was browsing through an EB Games today out of boredom, and I came across a copy of Halo 2 (Xbox). While this is unremarkable unto itself, seeing as how Halo 2 is the best selling Xbox game of all time and there's a million-billion-trillion copies of the game out there, what made _this_ copy stand out is that its case was a Platinum Hits version.

Yup, it looks like Halo 2 has finally been made a Platinum Hits title. Odd bit was the actual case was neon green instead of the usual silver, but there was no mistaking the Platinum Hits box art.

The game was selling for about $19.99, I believe, so if you haven't played through this excellent shooter yet, go pick up a copy! But not from EB Games. Please support an honest and competent retailer.

Thank you, come again.

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