Monday, September 15, 2008

Ensemble Studios Closing, the Future of Halo Wars

Earlier this week, it was confirmed that Microsoft will be closing Ensemble Studios, the developers of the upcoming Xbox 360 RTS Halo Wars, after the game's release. Of course, this has raised many questions and concerns regarding the future of Halo Wars, and what kind of post-release support the game will receive.

To address these concerns, David Pottinger, the lead designer of Halo Wars, has chimed in on the game's site's front page, and he's assured us that the new company which will be formed after Ensembles dissolve will support the title via Title Updates and downloadbale content.

"Halo Wars is going to ship. We want Halo Wars to be awesome. If you’ve read any of the E3 or Leipzig press coverage, you know the game is good. Plus, the new company will support Halo Wars via title updates and DLC. "

You can read his full post on the official sites front page right here.

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