Saturday, September 20, 2008

Jenny Grant Found Dead

As some of you may have noticed under the Misc. Links section on the right side bar, I have a link to Page 3. While I was admiring those fine British feminine forms last night, I noticed this page: a tribute to Jenny Grant, 19 year old Page 3 Idol winner who was found dead after her tragic suicide just over a week ago.

According to the article: "Tragic Jenny is feared to have committed suicide hours after rowing with close friends on a night out.

The beauty - this year's winner of The Sun's Page 3 Idol contest - was found hanged after her worried boyfriend raised the alarm at 4am on Saturday.

Cops discovered the brunette's body when they broke into the family home in Wallasey, Merseyside.

This really makes you stop and think: Why would a beautiful young woman with the world in front of her kill herself like this? Jenny was ridiculously gorgeous, so what demons could have driven her to do such a thing? What made her life so unbearable that she had to sign out forever?

I don't have the answer myself, however whenever I hear about anyone, celebrity, model or average Joe, dying in such a fashion, it does give me a healthy dose of added respect for my simple little civilian life.

Regardless, my sympathies to both her family and friends.


stereoman said...

God bless you sir.
I'm still crying about Jenny. I don't think I'm ever going to accept she's gone.

There are horrible and vindictive comments from certain forums such as Black Flag Cafe, Football365, North Stand Chat and Obsolete in mention of her passing just because of the nature of her work (very dismissively malicious and chauvinistic just because she happened to be a Page 3 girl) and/or the nature of her death (just inappropriate to think something like that).

They should be ashamed of themselves showing such a lack of compassion. If they don't care about Jenny then don't type away.

I hope they never have to suffer the loss and heartbreak like those who miss Jenny.

God bless Jenny and I hope she's in heaven.

If someone stumbles across this blog through Google, then Google and Youtube haven't been very kind but there are a couple of tribute pages for Jenny:

stereoman said...

I should add Saints Web to those bunch of scumbags who have nothing good to say about Jenny but am beginning to agree about the motivations of the grief of some people...

It's been barely a month since Jenny's gone and there are two 'fans' (GothamGuy and RTSinger who have conversed with her previously) who are already pondering about the NEXT Page 3 Idol competition! WTF!?

WHERE is the RESPECT for Jenny!? I hope The Sun postpone the competition at LEAST a YEAR out of respect for Jenny, PLEASE.

How cutthroat are The Sun in even thinking of running such a contest so soon after Jenny's death!?

They've generally removed any mentions of Jenny from their websites and are hoping the story will go away quietly as though she didn't exist. How dare they and shame on them but The Sun have moved on awfully quickly.

I was going to link to Jenny's Facebook memorial but it seems the guys only want to remember her for her Page 3 appearances (I should add that the tribute video is appallingly soundtracked despite the creator's best intentions).

Some guy on Youtube put a video up of 32 of her Page 3 pictures to some awful soundtrack but mercifully someone had the taste to get rid of it. The one with SIX pictures (including an awful soundtrack) mostly with grieving comments by me is still there.

I don't care if Page 3 was the way how I got to know her (she IS a BEAUTIFUL young woman but c'mon, show some respect. There is a time and a place for Page 3 and it's not NOW) but this is NOT how I want to remember Jenny by, and I'm still crying that she's gone mainly because of the way she's being remembered online.

She DESERVES a better tribute but few seem willing or capable to provide one online. It seems that all she'll be remembered by the general public, is Page 3 and her manner of death.

We CAN change that but my God it's gonna be bloody hard work.

I hope Jenny's having a great time in Heaven.

Anonymous said...

I only found out about her yesterday, nearly a month later. I don't read The Sun unless I am at work, and I was on holiday in september so I had not heard. Despite often visiting the site and recieving their weekly email I had somehow missed this news. While on the Page3 website looking for some new wallpapers I went to see if they had any new ones for Jenny and was confused as to why she was no longer listed on the site. After a quick google search I found the awful reason for her absence. How rotten I felt afterwards. I still can't believe it. When Jenny first appeared after winning I thought she was such a good choice. Page 3 is just a bit of innocent fun and she looked so happy in her pictures, seeing her in the paper before I headed home from night shift always cheered me up if it had been a bad shift. Jenny was the perfect Page 3 Idol. It might seem silly to be so affected by the loss of someone I never knew, a girl who I had only seen in the paper a few times that I knew nothing about but I will miss her lovely smile and my heart goes out to her boyfriend, her family and friends and most of all to Jenny. I hope she has found the peace she deserves that she may not have been able to find in this life.

stereoman said...

Well The Sun have postponed the contest long enough and four and a half months is enough time for them to leave some distance between themselves and Jenny as they start the 2009 contest.

Of course there's no mention of Jenny (or previous winners such as Krystle ~ who's stopped modelling, and Freya ~ who's returned to modelling after an absence).

I suppose they're doing the 'right' thing in leaving Jenny alone though.

I can't stop thinking about Jenny and probably never will.

In hindsight, she should NOT have entered the contest. I don't think that if she was still alive she would have wanted to continue to be a model of this sort but it is not fair to be so presumptive of what Jenny would have thought.

In regards horrible comments elsewhere there's a particularly nasty comment on Youtube from someone calling themeselves 'dirk111' who I could just strangle to death, and there's a particularly vile set of messages from start-to-finish on some poxy forum called Boxing Scene.

stereoman said...

There are numerous disgusting and horrible comments online about Jenny and then there is Encyclopedia Dramatica's entry on Jenny Grant.

I can't believe someone can be so vindictively nasty about her. It left me with absolute chills and I hope that those who know her don't look her up on it.

I wish nothing but bad things on the people who run Encyclopedia Dramatica.

stereoman said...

The more I try and find something nice that people have written about Jenny, the worse it gets.

Cavern Club (some wretched underground music forum) links to that appalling Encyclopedia Dramatica article and then there's another horrible football forum over at

Some would dismiss all the negative comments I've found as merely 'black humour' and that it's the chatter of absolute idiots who don't know any better. I find it disgustingly offensive and disrespectful that there are people who are laughing at Jenny's expense.

Sky News (a sister company of News International and thus The Sun) dismissively calls Jenny a 'wannabe model'! WHAT!? I'm just so glad the News of the World didn't want any part of this (not their jurisdiction anyhow but it doesn't stop 'em does it!?) because they can be very backhanded in their reporting.

More details have been reported upon about what supposedly happened on that fateful Friday night/Saturday morning and if they're to be taken as reported then it just leaves me absolutely crestfallen and even more heartbroken than I was five-and-a-half months ago.

I don't want to believe it, I don't want to 'move on'.

One of the only things that keeps me going is that out there are nice things being said about her, and that some people are able to remember her properly.

I miss Jenny more-and-more everyday.

stereoman said...

...but I do NOT miss her because of Page 3 as I completely and utterly miss her in spite of it.

I can't believe what The Sun have done in reinstating her profile and photos on the Page 3 website.

It's as though they feel exonerated that Jenny's death is not any of their fault and that they're now free to do whatever they want with her.

If it isn't the Daily Mail and The Sun grabbing images from social networks to accompany their reporting, it's THIS.

I can't imagine what her friends or family must be feeling as to what The Sun have done to Jenny almost six months on (it's March 10th 2009 now).

What purpose does this serve to Jenny!?

Jenny deserves to be treated better than this and I cannot believe how The Sun have been so disrespectful of her.

This makes me ill. Jenny DESERVES to be remembered properly but this is definitely no way to go about it.

stereoman said...

I hate the forums as they indirectly refer to that goddamn Encyclopedia Dramatica article as well. It's April 5th now and that thread was only created two months ago back in February.

Not sure why they felt the need to hotlink to a couple of her Myspace photos AT all.

It's strange but the various forums and sites that have inevitably featured or linked to her Page 3 photos have shown more of a courtesy by generally leaving her alone with mostly just RIP messages in response to Jenny's passing. In this respect, it's good that THEY move on to THEIR next 'belle du jour' (until they decide to remember her again because she happens to be dead and that there aren't any more Page 3 pictures).

It's almost some kind of code or loyalty at work whilst other far more respectable websites feature comments and posts that are just downright horrible and an interest in Jenny that's unfortunate and odd as they just want to know what she looked like when she was on Page 3, or are just very dismissive of Jenny in general, or any media coverage that Jenny's death got like some nasty person over on Purestorm.

Football365 have seemingly got rid of that thread that was on there. The Men's Health thread with it's wild speculation is still there.

The Talksport forums apparently had a HUGE thread about Jenny's death but that's been got rid of (probably similar in tone to the main one on Digital Spy with the emphasis on suicide and why someone would want to do it, probably).

The Youtube comments was getting a bit odd (mine included in retrospect) and the creator has wisely got rid of the video. It didn't serve her well in any manner anyhow. dirk111 still needs to be hurt severely though both mentally and physically.

The Facebook memorial is in better shape and is more respectful (none of my doing but someone's done something nice for Jenny at the very least).

I can understand as to why her friends and family have chosen to keep a distance on the internet and thus protect Jenny's privacy because I have found out to my cost that the internet can be a horribly unforgiving entity.

If you want to keep your sanity DO NOT look for coverage of Jenny as much as I have because you'll be driven to the brink of insanity by doing so.

There's a blog post in Catalan back in September 2008 which from the translation appears to reflect the view that The Sun did a nice thing by not posting one of her Page 3 photos (as some scumbag on Obsolete would have you believe is what The Sun wanted to do...) when reporting Jenny's death (...but it's not uncommon as what happened to Traci Ellis when there was a fairly insensitive and intrusive reporting of her death but that was back in 1980, and coverage is far more more mature and sensitive these days...just about).

The accompanying photos to TheLondonPaper's coverage of Jenny's death for instance was 'pushing the envelope' as they choose to crop five of her Page 3 photos to make five portraits. They did a good job but they were still a little uneasy to view.,%2Bdeixeu-me%2Bdonar%2Bel%2Bmeu%2Bparticular%2Bcondol%2Bper%2Buna%2Bp%25C3%25A8rdua,%2Bretent%2Bel%2Bmeu%2Bpetit%2Bhomenatge%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DG

I only wish it was true six and half months on. The Sun have treated Jenny rather oddly by getting rid of anything over at The Sun BUT keeping her on the Page 3 website. Why!?

I suppose the print media's coverage was a mixed blessing. The Daily Mail seemed to be feeling the need to score some cheap points off of The Sun by pointing out that one of their employees is dead whilst not paying any royalties to Jenny's family by grabbing a couple of images of Jenny that happen to be in the public domain on Myspace and Facebook. The Sun in response seem to be keeping their own distance and insinuate that Jenny's death is in no way their fault. No, sir. I'm not sure what The Daily Telegraph's interest was but it seemed a bit out of place.

I will never forget Jenny and I continue to refuse to 'move on' not least because there are people out there who continue to be so reprehensibly disrespectful towards Jenny.

stereoman said...

Whoever it is that runs the disgusting and distasteful website, and who has made some rather shameful comments about Jenny on 18th March 2009, I would like to hurt them very VERY badly.

They've put up TWO news reports and even after reading details of what was reported at the inquest, they have decided instead to reinterpret the coroner's rather polite if cryptic comments as regards Jenny's intent into what supposedly ACTUALLY happened instead.

That disgraceful person in doing so has also come up with the same conclusion as some idiot over on Black Flag Cafe, and also made a rather disparaging character assassination of Jenny because of 'her photos' of which they've tactlessly put up various images grabbed from Google accompanied by a disgustingly inappropriate graphic that is supposed to insinuate Jenny's final moments of life.

I damn that person to hell.

Today is 15th April 2009. It doesn't get any easier to try and cope with Jenny's passing.

stereoman said...

Today is 1st June 2009 and 'officially' Jenny's reign is over as Kelly Hall takes over the mantle of the Page 3 Idol (of course, The Sun has been careful not to mention Jenny at all and neither has anybody else it seems which is just as well under the circumstances as I'm surprised the likes of Cosmopolitan didn't use Jenny's passing as a stick to beat the 'Page 3 Idol' competition with).

I didn't realise there were EIGHT Idols since 2002. There's Nicola Tappenden (who was the first unless you count Danielle May who The Sun seem to treat oddly and call her Elle), Krystle Gohel, Keeley Hazell, Freya Haseldine, Sam Cooke, Jenny Grant and now, Kelly Hall.

It's strange to note how comprehensively thorough The Sun have been in going over Kelly's early days as it's generally unnecessary especially accompanied with a lot of personal and childhood photos which I find more than a little strange.

In a roundabout way, I'm glad Jenny didn't get this seemingly OTT treatment when she won although like Kelly there were childhood photos, and what her opinions of Page 3 were and what her life prior to winning the competition was like.

I'm glad that Jenny wasn't subjected to the 'Hot or Not' feature that The Sun incorporated for this year's competition but she did have a strong presence on The Sun's talkboards in which The Sun has erased any traces of (which under the circumstances is just as well).

As I understand it Kelly did little promotion other than an interview with a local newspaper to get people to vote for her. Strange how it works, isn't it?

A minor backlash happened in this year's competition by a few irate punters in that most of the 'girls' who appear in The Sun are mostly represented by one agency, and that the competition was biased towards that agency.

It'll be interesting to note who signs up Kelly. As I understand it, Jenny was signed up by that agency two months after she won.

This is just SO bizarre. I still can't get over Jenny and I DON'T want to. I will NEVER get over the fact that Jenny is gone.

I certainly won't remember Jenny for just Page 3 and her manner of death but it seems rather ominous that the general public WILL.

It's just as well as some of them DO NOT deserve to remember her properly.

stereoman said...

Today is 23rd June 2009. Even the Respectance tribute isn't immune from barbed comments.

Not sure who Topcat is but whether or not those two details are true (one about Jenny's behaviour and one about Jenny's mother) it isn't for public consumption (some newspapers have reported various details of the inquest and surely that is enough?) and it is really none of the public's business to know.

We'll never really know what happened. The only one who knows was Jenny and she's gone.

Respect Jenny and her family's privacy, please.

stereoman said...

Today is 8th August 2009.

I don't like Wikipedia. Jenny's death is a tragedy and will forever always continue to be a tragedy no matter what the naysayers will say.

The Wikipedia editors there are always being despicably horrible and mean or needlessly nitpicky. There is objectivity and there is compassion.

They've denied Jenny a Wikipedia entry which on balance is probably just as well considering they think her death is just a 'news story'.

Tinker said...

Hi again its now 03.50 am.

Just to clarify the situation with the Sun. After jenny's death I instructed the Sun to remove Jenny's pictures etc off their web page. After awhile because Jenny enjoyed being page 3 why should she be forgotten so I instructed the Sun to place her pictures back on, which was tasteful. I realise you and the public don’t know the inns and outs but I can honestly say the Sun has been very supportive. The only comment I would make Jenny was not mentioned winning the page 3 idol 2008 whilst the page 3 idol 2009 competition was running

Tinker said...

Sorry ive just notice my first comment was not publish. I wish to thank you for all the comments and support you have given over Jenny.

It does not matter what people say only that her family and friends knew the true Jenny.

My life will never never never, never, be the same the house is so quite without her and there's a empty void in my life.

Jenny filled people lifes with laughter, entertainment and
honesty. She just wanted everyone to be happy and have fun.

stereoman said...

Today is 20th August 2009.

I apologise profusely to you, to Jenny and to The Sun.

I'd blame my emotional outbursts and accusations on trying to make some kind of sense of it all, and typing between the tears but I'm generally emotional at the best of times and just type the first thing that comes into my mind.

You're completely right to type that what other people say about her doesn't matter. Their (nasty) opinions are absolutely worthless and without merit, and should be treated as such.

Jenny was a lovely young woman who did absolutely nothing to warrant such horrible comments and vitriol.

It's most likely some peoples' attitude and prejudices against people of her profession so I don't think Jenny was being singled out specifically in that such horrible words could have been directed at the passing of any model BUT even so the criticisms had gotten to me to such an extent that I felt completely and thoroughly compelled to try and defend her if only by pointing them out HERE through this blog's comments section.

It's the internet, it's pointless and not worth the effort of changing their minds if that's what they think of her.

As I've said above and elsewhere, they DO NOT deserve to remember her properly.

We will have the last laugh if only for Jenny.

I continue to soldier on, think about Jenny every day, trying to imagine the many possible scenarios of what her life would be like right now.

I will never forget Jenny. May God continue to bless Jenny.

I thank you tremendously for taking the time to even correspond with me.

stereoman said...

Today is ironically the early hours (slightly before 1am) of 13th September 2009.

I couldn't help but notice that a lot of the people who knew her have chosen to try and get on with their lives if their actions on a certain social networking website are anything to go by.

It's a privilege that few can afford or say that they ever were a friend of Jenny's albeit an online one.

It is absolutely none of my business but I understand their reasoning just as I am saddened by it. It is their choice.

Fortunately the negative comments have seemed to stop elsewhere around the internet but the ones that remain are unfortunately still going to be there.

I will forever continue to miss Jenny. I wish I could just remember her properly.

stereoman said...

Right now is a little after 9am BST 13th September.

She's gone from the website. That seems most odd. If it's from the wishes of her family or friends to get rid of her account I suppose I can comprehend it.

I hope her friends and family have taken care of her photos and that none will be lost in the ether. The greatest gift you have right now is that you knew her if only for a little while and in at least some way remember her properly.

Again, it's none of my business but do take care of her and her memory. I wish I could have such a luxury.