Saturday, September 27, 2008

Halo 3: Keep It Clean Expansion Revealed

On Monday, Bungie further added another mysterious page to their site, this one entitled "Pardon Our Dust." It's a fascinating conversation between a UNSC Admiral and an ONI Section 1 operative.

On Thursday, September 25th, the one year anniversary for the launch of Halo 3, Bungie released this teaser trailer for Halo 3: Keep It Clean, a single player Campaign expansion for Halo 3!

There's very little real information right now, and Halo 3: Keep It Clean may not even be the actual title, just a tag line, but it's what I'll call the expansion for now.

After watching the teaser, my expectations are:

- Play as an ODST
- 4 player Co-Op as a squad of ODSTs
- A parallel storyline to either Halo 2 or Halo 3
- Depending on placement in the timeline, combat against Elites, and Brutes later on
- Further development of the Covenant civil war and the UNSC/Elite alliance
- Potentially the first Halo game without a Spartan

Wish list items I'd like to see:

- New weapons
- New enemies
- New equipment
- New vehicles
- A Flood infested Earth city
- And most importantly, an explanation of how the Arbiter, Keyes, and Johnson arrived back on Earth prior to the Master Chief when he arrived on Truth's Forerunner Dreadnought at the same time they were still on Delta Halo!

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