Sunday, March 29, 2009

Poll of the Week - How Do You Feel about Achievements?

Last week's poll asked "What's Your Take on DLC?" The results:

DLC is amazing, and well worth the cost! 1 Vote, 11%
DLC is great, but I often find it overpriced. 3 Votes, 33%
DLC has become a cash-in, and the content should still be free. 3 Votes, 33%
DLC is a waste of money, I save for new games. 2 Votes, 22%

Total Votes: 9

Looks like we have a tie, where most of you agreed that DLC itself is good, but that it's often overpriced or has plainly become a cash-in. Me, I voted for DLC becoming a cash-in, and should still be free. Why? Because I remember when DLC, before it was called DLC, was released readily and all for free by numerous publishers and developers. The sad part is that because we, the consumers, are willing to pay, publishers have realized that they can make millions charging for this content, so why would they stop? To read further about my thoughts on the subject, feel free to read one of my older editorials here written just under a year ago.

For this week's poll, let's chat about Achievements, or more to the point: "How Do You Feel about Achievements?" Feel free to vote on the top of the left hand sidebar.

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