Sunday, March 01, 2009

Triple A Price Drops/Platinum Hits

While walking through my local mall yesterday, I noticed an interesting price drop as well as a great Platinum Hits inductee.

At Best Buy, I finally saw the remaining copies of the Halo 3: Limited Edition drop below their initial selling price (minus inflation adjustments), and you can now find it for $34.99, which isn't too bad. Considering the retail version of Halo 3 sells for more, you're better off getting this edition, just watch out for scratched discs!

You can also find Assassin's Creed there for only $19.99 now. At that cost, it's good repetitive fun.

Lastly, while checking out the mall's Wal-Mart, I saw that BioShock has been officially inducted in the Xbox 360 Platinum Hits program. If you missed out on this exception single player shooter with RPG elements, now's an excellent time to descend into the depths of Rapture.

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