Monday, August 03, 2009

Halo Wars Leaderboards Reset

Earlier this week, due to human error, the Leaderboards for Halo Wars was reset and those stats are unrecoverable. This includes the Leaderboards for Campaign, Skirmish, and Trueskill Matchmaking.

Any of the statistics recorded by your Xbox 360 console itself are still intact, but prior to end of July, those stats are gone from Xbox LIVE and can not be uploaded. I do not know if this affects the progress of anyone going for the Running the Show Achievement or not.

Robot Entertainment and Xbox LIVE apologies for any "frustration" Halo Wars players have experienced, and you can read all about it on Major Nelson's site here.

Well, this sure makes me happy I haven't excessively played Halo Wars Multiplayer yet, 'cause I'd be pissed. That's potentially 5 months of hard work down the crapper, just like that.

You know, I used to excessively play Blizzard Entertainment's RTSes back in the day, which was a free service, and they never, ever had an issue like this. So here we are, paying for an Xbox LIVE Gold membership, and what exactly are we getting for this paid service again?

I truly do feel sorry for any hardcore Halo Wars players, and in my opinion, an apology simply doesn't cut it. Xbox LIVE dropped the ball on a paid, subscription based service, and as a "premium" service, a certain level of assurance is expected. If the data is unrecoverable, then Microsoft Game Studios should compensate players in another way, like giving away the DLC for free and refunding everyone else who bought Halo Wars' DLC in the first place. Or release a new Halo Wars Map Pack free of charge.

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