Saturday, December 12, 2009

Halo: Reach World Premiere

Certainly one of the more anticipated trailers for the Spike Video Game Awards 2009, you can now check out the Halo: Reach World Premiere below. It's the best quality I could find, though it's a little dark, but it still smacks of Halo and that's all the matters.

Don't miss the Elite after the title! Good to actually see them again, since there's no way we can't fight them in this game.

Update: Thanks to Bungie, you can now find high quality versions, with or without subtitles, right here. You can also download the trailer via the Xbox LIVE Marketplace here.

My overall thoughts: It looks great, though it seems to me more retcon is coming into play, and I'm not so keen how there are Spartans everywhere when they were supposed to be a rare and uniform elite force.

Regardless, like any Halo game, I'm expecting the gameplay will rock whether the story works or is completely messed up.

Update 2: Well, it looks like the video I posted has been removed due to copyright violation, but the official links above certainly work, so you can view the trailer there.

Update 3: Bungie has now officially added it to YouTube, so you can check it out below.

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