Saturday, December 19, 2009

Halo Wars Title Update 4 Released

Yesterday, Robot Entertainment released the 4th Title Update for its console exclusive RTS, Halo Wars. To get the latest update, which features both balancing and bug fixes, simply boot up the game while connected to Xbox LIVE.

So what does the Title Update address?

Grunts now do more damage to air units
The Scarab now has 25% more health and does 25% more damage
Gremlins now requires 2 reactors to be built
The Arbiter now takes 25% more damage while raging
Hunters now focus their Assault Beam much faster
Brute Chopper is more effective vs. air

Bug Fixes:
The Cryo/Reactor Glitch has been fixed
The Multiplayer Lobby should now work better for people with misaligned controllers
Y-Abilities should no longer have their cooldowns reset erroneously
Profiles that had problems accruing points in Multiplayer should now be able to gain points properly

You can read the official posting on the front page of the official site here.

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