Saturday, January 07, 2012

Accounts Being Hacked on Xbox LIVE

Recently, a member of the Delay of Game community had is account hacked and stolen via Xbox LIVE. The thieves immediately purchased Microsoft Points and an Xbox LIVE Gold Family Pack with his credit card (since it was linked to his account), and then transferred the Microsoft Points to another account created with the Family Pack.

When he reported the theft to Xbox Support, they promised to suspend the account immediately for 30 days while they investigated, thus preventing any additional purchases on his card. It took them a few days to suspend the account.

While searching around, he came across this blog. Entitled Hacked on Xbox, it details another user's similar story, Microsoft's denial that their service was compromised, and demonstrates a colossal failure by Xbox Support to address the situation in a timely manner. Unlike the Delay of Game community member, this person had multiple charges made against her over a series of days.

A very interesting read if you have the time, and a solid reminder not only about keeping a strong password, but also if your Xbox LIVE account is ever compromised and your Credit Card is associated with it, immediately call your bank and have your card suspended first to prevent any additional charges, as Xbox Support is clearly going to take their sweet time dealing with it.

Shame on Xbox Support and Microsoft for treating such situations with such little concern, and shame on them for providing only a month's worth of Xbox LIVE Gold as compensation.

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