Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dead Space 2: Severed (Xbox 360) Completed for the Second Time

Yesterday night I finished off my second run of Dead Space 2: Severed, this time on Survivalist, and it took me a little over two hours to complete. It was actually a decent challenge due to the lack of a New Game + option, as you do need to start bare bones and credits/ammo were scarce for a while.

There really isn't anything amazing or spectacular about Dead Space 2: Severed, but it was still fun in a simple kind of way. Knowing what enemies were going to pop out where this time really helped, and also knowing the locations of Stores in advance helped with better Inventory management.

Shame the story wasn't a bit more engaging and there wasn't more variety in the gameplay, but hey, it's modern DLC so what do you expect.

I'll go through Dead Space 2: Severed one last time to complete it on Zealot Difficulty and earn the DLC's final Achievement. I'm thinking of One Gunning it, actually, and seeing if I can make that work. Won't take long to find out, that's for sure.

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