Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dead Space 2: Severed (Xbox 360) Completed for the Third Time

Well, I didn't One Gun it like I had originally planned, I Two Gunned it. Earlier this week I completed Dead Space 2: Severed for the third and likely final time, this time on Zealot Difficulty which earned me the add-on's final Achievement. I actually found it easier than on Survivalist, however I suspect that's because this time around I played smarter.

As soon as the add-on began and I got to the first Workbench, I immediately re-speced my Pulse Rifle and sold it along with my Flamethrower. I then bought the Refurbished Plasma Cutter, fully upgraded Stasis, and then began upgrading my R.I.G. to gain additional Health. Buying Medium Medkits, ammo, and Power Nodes as available, I slowly but surely made my way through the add-on's two Chapters.

The Plasma Cutter has always been the franchise's staple weapon, and this playthrough proved that this still held firm in the series' latest addition. I supplemented the use of my Refurbished Plasma Cutter with healthy uses of Stasis and the Patrol Seeker Rifle you start the add-on with; which came in very handy on the tougher Necromorphs.

In truth, the only hard section of the add-on was right towards the end of Chapter 1 where you're ambushed by about four Leapers and those two Pukers (where it's the Leapers that are the real problem). That took me several attempts and a healthy dose of profanity, but once I got past that the add-on was pretty smooth sailing.

I clocked in a little over 2 hours, which is more or less what I expected to spend.

At the 50% off price I paid for the add-on, I've enjoyed myself and it's solved that Dead Space fix I've been craving for a little while. I likely won't be touching the franchise for a while now, either not until the inevitable Dead Space 3 is released or should I pick up an iPod Touch or iPad this summer when I move to my house. I'm toying with the idea of using one so I can easily take my tunes between floors, and if I do pick up one of Apple's devices I'd likely purchase Dead Space (iOS) for it and give that a whirl.

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