Sunday, January 29, 2006

Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox) Expansion Coming January 31st

On January 31st, LucasArts will be releasing the previously mentioned expansion to Star Wars: Battlefront II (Xbox) via Xbox Live. At present, there is no word if this content will be coming to the other versions of the game.

This will be considered a Premium Content download, and will cost $4.99 (US). You can find the official details here, as well as videos and screenshots of the new hero characters.

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DeeJ said...

Not too bad. I bought this because I saw my brother in law playing it at Christmas. He is a bigger Star Wars geek than I, which is impressive.

I liked the expansion into space combat. The pilot experience is a far better thing in this title.

It's still chase view, though. I can understand chase view for ground craft, in which you need to see your car to maneuver through the environment. But in the vast expanses of space, chase view just puts an obstacle between me and my target. I keep wanting to yell "get out of the way" at my own ship.

Console games have yet to remove the arcade factor from pilot sims.