Sunday, January 29, 2006

Unannounced Xbox 360 Titles

TeamXbox has a feature article up discussing some of the most anticipated unannounced Xbox 360 games. On their list, the titles I care about are Halo 3, Jade Empire 2, and Half-Life 2 with its upcoming PC expansion Aftermath.

You can read the article here.

At this point, since nothing's been officially announced, I'd treat everything on this list as speculation. For example, with Halo 3 they discuss how Bungie planned and then scrapped a release of Halo 2.5 for the Xbox 360, which would have added extra levels to the end of the game to further complete the story. However this Halo 2.5 was a rumour never officially confirmed by Bungie, as I recall.

One thing I must disagree on with TeamXbox is that they only want to play as the Master Chief in Halo 3. I thought the Arbiter was a great character. He had an interesting storyline and through him, so many details on the Covenant were revealed. His character also has more depth and certainly more conflict than the Master Chief, who is typically single-mindedly just following orders. While I like the Master Chief and agree he's a great character, I'd be very disappointed if the Arbiter was cut as being playable.

Also, for Half-Life 2, since the game's already on the Xbox and its backwards compatible, I don't see a reason to re-release it again as a special Xbox 360 version. Instead, I hope Valve released its upcoming PC expansion as a stand alone title with top-notch graphics and lighting for the Xbox 360.

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