Sunday, March 12, 2006

Laser Quest's Rules

So last night the guys and I went to play some laser tag at Laser Quest, which happened to be my first time playing the game. Overall it wasn't bad, but lacked a certain... tactical element that I was hoping for.

Once we entered the establishment, I took quick notice of the rules, which included things like:

- I will not run, climb, or jump.
- I will not sit, kneel, or lie down.
- I will not use offensive language.

And worst of all:

- I will not make physical contact with other players. (That takes away beating someone over the head if you turn a corner and end up face to face)

I mean, what the hell? Granted, the game is mostly populated by 10 year olds and I don't want to hurt them, but the above really removes many basic tactical options. It's like Telly said, try playing a Slayer match of Halo 2 with those rules, and you'd have a very boring game.

Anyway, we all went into the maze where you fight everyone, and after a little free for all my associates and I teamed together, took some high ground, and defended it from the other players; sort of holding the fort.

A game lasts about 20 minutes and costs $8.00 flat. You wear a vest which has laser sensors on the chest, back, and shoulders, and you have your gun which also has sensors on the side. The objective is to shot enemies on their sensors while avoiding being "tagged" yourself.

Telly did the best out of all of us, coming in at 3rd place. What can I say, he really knows how to kick the shit out of 10 year olds.

If we ever go and play again, we're all going to play as a squad and hold a position like we did at the end of this game; seeing if we can better our score.

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