Sunday, November 26, 2006

Doom 3 (PC) and Speed Demos

I've started playing through Doom 3 (PC) for the second time after all. Unfortunately, my father played through the game last on a fresh install, and he went through it on Easy, which means that Nightmare isn't unlocked. This means I'll need to play through the game on Veteran first and have to play through the PC version a third time to give Nightmare a go.

This time, however, I'm playing on the default brightness setting, which is very, very dark. I actually find that everything looks a lot better in the moodier lighting, and I've been given a good jump or so already (I'm getting near the end of Administration).

One thing I must say is that the Shotgun really does suck in the PC version, most unfortunate. I've taken a lot of extra damage and even died once 'cause the Shotgun is so bloody inaccurate, even at point-blank range sometimes. The Xbox version definitely revised the Shotgun's functionality for the better, even if it did loose some close up power there.

On the subject of speed demos, I once again visited the Speed Demos Archive and checked out a couple of different games. There was a new Doom 3 (PC) Nightmare run from this past June which was a lot of fun to watch (and put me in the mood to play through the game again), I check out a 35 minute System Shock 2 run on the Impossible difficulty (that was impressive), and finally I checked out a classic Diablo (PC) run.

Always fun to watch how these guys just blow through everything so fast, and you'll often learn a trick or two you'd never have thought of on your own; sure know I did.


Flame_Kettle said...

After careful consideration, and reading your thoughts on the subject, I am going to trade my Xbox at EBGames tomorrow for a Xbox 360, they have a promotion on now, get a $100.00 credit off a 360 by turning in your original Xbox, plus I have some extra cables and controllers that I suppose they will give me some credit for, I will post some pictures on my Blog tomorrow night! oh, and a free copy of "Gears of War"

about half the games I own for the Xbox are supported by the patches,

Thanks for the reviews, and useless crap!

Juxtapose said...

No problem, and good call on the 360. I expect I'll be snagging one for myself in the first quarter of '07 for Mass Effect. Gears of War looks interesting, however it's a title I want to rent first and isn't a must have for me... yet.

Let me know how everything goes. Do you have an HD TV for your new 360?

Flame_Kettle said...

Yes I do have a HDTV for my Xbox gaming, and TV watching pleasure,

Check out my page for a updated picture,

I just have to figure out how to hook it up for the Xbox Live thing, I won't be able to play games though, I do have highspeed, but it is wireless and apparently I can do everything but play games due to it's limitations,


Juxtapose said...

Nice set up. Looks like you got surround sound as well, something I've never had for either PC or console gaming.

As far as I know, both the Xbox and Xbox 360 support wireless connections, though I've never personally tried. You can check out the details on Xbox's official support site here:

How's Gears of War?

Juxtapose said...

Oops, the link didn't work. Cut and paste the full thing from this: