Friday, December 28, 2007

Belated Christmas Gift

My parents surprised me today with a belated Christmas gift, an Xbox 360 Messenger Kit. The main attraction to the Messenger Kit is the Chatpad, which is a little qwerty keypad that attaches to the bottom of your Xbox 360 Controller and functions like a BlackBerry's keypad. So now, I'll be able to respond to messages from Friends on Xbox LIVE as well as my contacts from Windows Live Messenger.

The Xbox 360 Messenger Kit also comes with a new Xbox 360 Headset with a redesigned connector at a standard 2.5 mm size (original model linked) to allow it to properly connect to the bottom of the Chatpad (or another Controller). Unlike an original Headset, the volume control is no longer on the connector, but rather on an inline control. Since I don't play on Xbox LIVE, however, I've left the Headset in the packaging.

Xbox LIVE has been very spotty over the last few days, but once Microsoft gets those problems ironed out, I'll be able to really give the Chatpad a whirl.


Flame_Kettle said...

please be merciful,, and don't be annoyed if my replies take 5 minutes or so,, or if I just log off in frustration, ha ha ha,,,

Flame_Kettle said...

I rented mass effect,, pretty neat but the frustrating part is taking the wrong crew down, or not having the skills,, a lot of time wasted and back tracking,,

Juxtapose said...

Don't worry dude, I won't hold it against you. Frustration with the virtual keyboard is why I asked for the Messenger Kit in the first place!

For Mass Effect, I'll review it as per usual once I complete my first play-through of the game, and I will praise it for all it does well, and slam it for everything that turned out sloppy.

Right now, I find Mass Effect to be an excellent example of a "mixed bag," which is very unfortunate based on the quality I usually expect from BioWare.